Over the last nine years, we have worked together with Hyatt to create corporate and hospitality spaces that reflect a meaningful, cohesive Hyatt brand and express the diverse identities of all these locations. 

In the Fall of 2017, Hyatt Corporation consolidated their two corporate Chicago offices into a new headquarters along the Chicago River. With more than 1,000 employees moving under one roof, Hyatt needed a workplace that unites the identities of each former office and creates new opportunities for growth and collaboration. 

By analyzing their people’s patterns of communication, the work they do, and the company’s values, we designed a workplace that encourages communication and engagement. We provided settings dedicated to different styles of collaboration, and settings that adapt to employees’ unique needs. Our team developed over 1,000 workstations and hundreds of private offices and collaboration spaces that accommodate the wide range work styles represented. We equipped more than 1,000 employees with ergonomic tools and the education they need to use these tools effectively.

Hyatt’s new headquarters pioneers the changing needs of the workplace, and we’re proud to be part of Hyatt’s story, creating spaces that embrace and foster connection and creativity.

250,000 sq ft | 10 Floors