Our purpose



This is who we are, and this is where we begin. The culture and character of our people is the backbone of our company.  Our purpose is to care deeply for those we serve, work tirelessly to accomplish the goals of the project team, and, in all things, exceed expectations.


Core Values

[ 01 ]     Focus on others with humble confidence.

[ 02 ]     Understand what is + envision what could be.

[ 03 ]     Approach everything with strategic efficiency.

[ 04 ]     Enhance our world by creatively applying resources.

[ 05 ]     Finish with driven determination 




Our Team

Tom Klobucher 2.JPG

Thomas Klobucher

Founder + CEO

Paul Klobucher 1.jpg

Paul Klobucher


Matt Hills.jpg

Matt hills

Vice President of Operations

Cindy Farias.jpg

Cindy farias

Director of A+D and Real Estate Partnerships


steve steinberg

Senior Manager of Account Leadership

Amanda Beelman.jpg

amanda beelman

Manager of Operations Services







In 1977, Thomas Klobucher founded Thomas Interiors in a small Elmhurst, Illinois storefront. Tom saw the workplace as an opportunity with untapped potential. Before long, a partnership between Thomas Interiors and Herman Miller arose quite naturally out of a shared vision of the workplace. 

Throughout the next few decades, Thomas Interiors established strong relationships with local companies that continue to this day. In 1996, Paul, Tom’s son, became the company president. One year later, we opened our Bloomingdale headquarters, a 20,000 sq. ft. office showroom and a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

When the Great Recession struck the nation, Thomas Interiors was not exempt from the hardship. However, under Paul’s leadership, the company emerged successfully, quadrupling in growth within a matter of years. In 2013, we opened our downtown Chicago office and showroom, right across from the historic Merchandise Mart. 



Several years ago, we began to write a new chapter in our story. It began with boldly overhauling our internal structure and shifting the focus of our effort and support to the external project team.

Our story and evolution matches the changing landscape of work. In honor of our 40th anniversary, we designed a new brand that reflects who we are—who we have always been and who our partners have enabled us to become.